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The company Wine "Marquis Malaspina" is located in the hilly basin of Bobbio, produces wisdom, for over 240 years, excellent grapes and red, rosé and white wine.

The natural fermentation and aging in oak barrels allow you to obtain wines of unquestionable prestige, constant over time, selected products of high quality.
The location of the land in the rolling hills of Piacenza, the ideal exposure to the sun and the loving care of the vineyards in the cultivation enable it to produce good grapes for winemaking.

The company covers a surface area of about 20 hectares, well-distributed and well exposed.

Since its foundation, the company’s philosophy consisted in producing a product as natural as possible, as per tradition.
Hence, thanks to the South-East exposure of the vineyards, the vine growing process with manual Guyot pruning, favouring quality rather than quantity per hectare and the use of environment -friendly products for cultivating the vines, the final product is of outstanding quality and genuineness. Moreover, the must fermentations are still taking place naturally, using exclusively spontaneous yeasts (those naturally contained in the grapes) without adding selected ones that would somehow influence the fermentation, thus the extraction of scents and tastes are typical of the production area.
The processes inside the cellar are regulated by a self-monitoring plan implemented according to the HACCP method; no chemical substances like colorants, aromas, preservatives are added during the wine processing phases.

Still red wines are aged from 12 to 18-24 months according to the variety, inside the ancient barrels in durmast from Slavonia located inside the cellar built with stones from the Trebbia River, situated in the underground areas of Palazzo Malaspina, before being bottled. While younger wines, like white, rose’ and sparkling red are bottled and undergo a second fermentation inside the bottle in a natural fashion, always exploiting the yeasts already contained in the wine.


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